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Ancient Egypt Interactive Timeline (Class Pack)

    Ancient Egypt Interactive Timeline (Class Pack)

    $199.95 AUD inc GST

      This unique, 3-part interactive game enables pupils to learn history through sequencing a topic's timeline and answering a range of topic based questions. This fun and engaging resource allows for competitive and cooperative gameplay and can be played as a single player, in pairs, teams or as a whole class activity using the Teachers' Classroom Cards and Blank Timeline. Each pack also includes two well-designed Charts that reference key events and historical information. This Interactive Timeline pack can be used as a basis for a whole topic; as a starter or plenary activity; or as a wonderful tool to monitor the progression of pupils' learning as they improve their scores to become ''Champions''.

      Each pack includes:
      • 4 x Desktop Games (4 sets of cards, 1 desktop timeline)
      • 1 x Teachers Classroom Cards
      • 1 x Large Blank Timeline (2 sections)
      • 2 x A1 Reference Chart Posters

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