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Posters: Colour - Set of 8 UV Coated
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    Posters: Colour - Set of 8 UV Coated

    $109.95 AUD inc GST
      • Each poster covers a specific aspect of colour theory.
      • Diagrams clearly illustrate colour concepts.
      • Additional examples further explain each concept.
      • Photographs show materials and additional works by professional artists.
      • Each poster is 46 x 61cm, printed on card stock, with a protective UV coating.
      • Includes teacher's guide.
      • For students of all ages.

      Set of 8 posters includes

      1. Colour's Source and Uses
      2. Properties of Colour: Hue
      3. Properties of Colour: Value
      4. Properties of Colour: Intensity
      5. Properties of Colour: Temperature
      6. Use of Colour: Neutral Mixtures
      7. Use of Colour: Colour schemes
      8. Use of Colour: Expressive colour

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