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Coping Cue Cards - DISTRACTION
Coping Cue Cards - DISTRACTION
Coping Cue Cards - DISTRACTION
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    Coping Cue Cards - DISTRACTION

    $35.00 AUD inc GST

      The Coping Cue Cards™ decks, each with 44 cards, have a great range of coping strategies. Divided by the 5 Coping Styles, - Relaxation, Distraction, Sensory, Movement, Processing - these decks bring order to the mountain of ideas for coping strategies that work for kids and is designed to work both at school and at home.

      • With individual kids or small groups to help them identify which skills work for them, and/or find new skills to expand their strategies for coping.
      • A child could have a few cards in their desk as a visual reminder of strategies they
      can use.
      • The decks can be a great addition to a coping skills toolkit for a particular child, or
      a calm down space in a classroom. The character cards can be used as a jumping off point for having kids think of other coping skills - "What would Rex do?"

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