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Crystal Color Wheel
Crystal Color Wheel
Crystal Color Wheel
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    Crystal Color Wheel

    $45.00 AUD inc GST
      Large Poster
      • Large display color wheel is 46 x 61cm printed on heavy cardstock and laminated.
      • Rotating inner wheel shows analogous, complementary and triadic schemes plus warm and cool colours
      • Fine art reproductions show how artists use colour schemes
      • Special reference diagrams illustrate concepts.

      Desk Reference (A4)

      An ideal inexpensive tool to give to each student so as to have access to a color wheel on their art table to assist them planning their compositions or art activities. This color wheel makes it easy to understand color relationships close-up as well as showing actual art works to show how other artists have used primary, monochromatic, ccomplementary, analogous, secondary and triadic colours as well as cool and warm colour dominance. Diagrams also show hue, chroma, value and neutral colours.

      Large Sudent Edition (43 x 43cm)

      This student color wheel has a rotating inner wheel so that students can easily identify primary, secondary and intermediate colors as well recognising analogous, complementary and triadic colour schemes. When students are selecting colours for projects, this wheel gives them easy access to color schemes to use on their compositions. Printed on heavy cardstock and laminated.

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