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Graphic Design Posters - Set of 12
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    Graphic Design Posters - Set of 12

    $137.50 AUD inc GST

      These posters introduce graphic design and the design process. Students learn about fonts, layout, grids, and printing, plus the manyapplications of graphic design. Topics covered include identity and brand development, editorial design, packaging, advertising, and website and multimedia design.

      Ideal for art teachers and guidance counselors.

      Set of 12 posters, 46 x 61 cm.

      Each poster introduces a major aspect of design, from the history to typography and printing. Inspirational quotes are included.

      Posters are printed on heavy card stock with holes for hanging and a protective coating.

      The 12 Graphic Design Posters include

      What is Graphis Design?                 Grids for Page Layouts                  

      The Design Process                         Typography

      Elements of Design                         Print Designs

      Principles of Design                         Logos, Branding and Identity

      Colour Theory                                  Electronic Media

      Information Hierachy                       Package Design



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