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Julius Caesar - Shakespeare-ience - Teacher's reference

    Julius Caesar - Shakespeare-ience - Teacher's reference

    $38.50 AUD inc GST

      Make your Shakespeare unit a true Shakespeare-ience!

      No matter how you teach Shakespeare, you can re-energise your curriculum with this 
      un-abridged version of 3 great plays. Based in scholarship and incorporating the best teaching practices, Shakespeare-ience will help your students master the Bard’s language and deepen their understanding of the characters and events in the play.

      For a LITERARY STUDY of the play:
      • Easy to follow side glosses make text accessible.
      • Fascinating background notes throughout eep students interested.
      • Page-by-page plot summaries aid comprehension.
      • Play questions focus on critical analysis.

      For a PERFORMANCE-BASED STUDY of the play
      • Speaking, listening, writing and reading activities provide a balanced literary experience.
      • Personas created by each student keep everyone in the class involved throughout the play.
      • Abundant pre- and during- play suggestions help with character motivations