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Whole Numbers One to One Thousand Bundles Place Value Discs
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    Whole Numbers One to One Thousand Bundles Place Value Discs

    $86.95 AUD inc GST

      The hands-on way to visualise numbers & operations!
      These classroom-quiet and easy-to-manipulate discs develop number sense with hands-on practice that visually makes math come to life. The discs are color-coded according to place value allowing students to visually track what happens when they regroup numbers in both addition and subtraction. Multiplication makes sense when students see that it is  the same as repeated addition and that division is the same as repeated subtraction.

      Color-coding system matches Sensational Maths™ Place Value Cards and Sensational Maths Jumbo Magnetic Place Value Discs for coordinated classroom activity.

      Packaged in a re-sealable poly bag for easy storage.
      Sensational Maths™ Place Value Discs are 25mm in diameter, 3mm thick, and made of  quietand easy-grip EVA foam.

      Small group set: 600 total place value discs: 200 Ones, 200 tens, 100 Hundreds, and 100 thousands

      Class set: 1500 Total Place Value Discs. 500 Ones, 500 tens, 300 Hundreds and 200 Thousands

      Years 1 - 4

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