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Spin & Write Pyramid - Dry-erase board
Sold Out

    Spin & Write Pyramid - Dry-erase board

    $49.50 AUD inc GST

      Inspired by the ancient Egyptians…
      Designed for today’s collaborative learning environments!
      The revolving 4-sided dry-erase board!
      Benefits of collaborative learning & play:
      • Improves Problem-solving Skills
      • Develops Critical Thinking
      • Better Social Interactions and Supports Diversity
      • Inspires Self-Management Skills
      • Develops Oral Communication Skills
      • Fosters Interpersonal Relationships

      Each dry-erase side is 27cm high and 20cm wide at the base.
      Made of injection molded ABS plastic with an easy-to-clean, no ghosting, wipe-off surface. Each dry-erase triangle has a colourcoded frame to keep track of the action, assign a color to a student or categorise.

      The four-sided board smoothly rotates and has a braking mechanism for those times when you want it to be stationary.

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