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Geography Posters (36)

Biomes Display Set - 9 Laminated A3 Panels

$76.95 AUD inc GST

Water Cycle Poster

$29.95 AUD inc GST
SKU: WG4376

Big Ideas in Geography - Set of 7 Laminated A3 Posters

$69.95 AUD inc GST
SKU: TR3800

Populations Display Set - 9 Laminated A3 panels

$76.95 AUD inc GST

Ancient Egypt Display Set

$76.95 AUD inc GST

Geographical Features - Size A1

$25.85 AUD inc GST
SKU: WG4370

Climate Change Display Set - 9 Laminated A3 Panels

$76.95 AUD inc GST

Plate Tectonics Display Set - 9 Laminated A3 Panels

$76.95 AUD inc GST

Wall display - Water - Set of 12 Gloss Laminated A3 panels

$93.50 AUD inc GST

Take Your Lessons To The Next Level With Geography Classroom Posters

Many students undermine the importance of geography, most likely because they find it uninteresting or irrelevant. If you’re struggling to earn your students’ attention, incorporating geography classroom posters and other enticing visuals can make learning more enjoyable.

At Southern Cross, we stock dozens of geography visual learning aids such as flashcards, infographic posters, and display sets which you can use in your lessons. Shop with us today for great products which help engage your students.

The Basics Of Visual Learning In Geography

Studying geography is more than just memorising maps and facts. Below are a few visual components that you can use in your curriculum.


Map lessons are essential to learning geography. Through map-making activities, students are encouraged to think critically. For instance, to successfully re-create a map, students must apply background knowledge of a specific location and utilise reference materials.

Map lessons also encourage students to generate historical connections. Because maps change over time, students engage in cross-curricular learning and contextualise why things are the way they are today.


Geography is rich with confusing terminology that can be made simple with flashcards. Southern Cross stocks vocabulary sets for anything from ancient Roman empires to present-day landmarks.

Flashcards are also an excellent way to self-test. Students can use these easy-to-store learning tools at any time of the day, whether in school, at the library, or at home.


Geography involves many complex ideas which can be challenging to understand. With Southern Cross’ simplified infographics, you can break down multi-step lessons into something more bite-sized. For example, instead of using a map, students can study our geographical features poster to review critical parts of a landmark.

Southern Cross supplies a wide range of materials from ecosystem-themed visual aids to map basics.

Card Games

Gamifying your lesson is one sure-fire way to make geography more enjoyable for your students. Southern Cross’ key terms bingo and geography dominoes will get your students excited about their lesson plan!

How Do You Use Visual Aids To Make Learning Geography Easier?

Geography in itself is a highly visual subject. However, there are multiple ways to use visual tools to make the learning process more enjoyable:
Incorporate Memory Techniques

If using vocabulary flashcards, mnemonic devices can help students associate something novel with something familiar. You can use this technique to relate information to terms, facts, and details which are difficult to memorise.

Visual flashcards allow students to remember places according to photographs. For instance, they might relate a particular location to its landmark.

Turn It Into A Game

While visual aids are helpful learning tools, turning them into a game engages students better. By encouraging friendly competition, your students become more eager to learn.

For example, you might use flashcards to play a game of twenty questions or infographics to create a rhyme. Wildgoose keyword bingo games are an excellent way to reinforce knowledge and understanding – students can define terms for every bingo word they win.

Don’t Underestimate Old-School Maps

As we mentioned before, maps are at the core of learning geography – that means old-school maps aren’t going out of style anytime soon. The easier it’ll become for your students to analyse maps in differing styles through frequent reviewing and world map assessment.

Pair your students’ map studies with lessons in reading compasses. Southern Cross’ simplified compass guides will get your students to use the real thing in an instant.

Work From The Outside-In

There is no way to cram geography basics into a single lecture. Instead, using visual aids to work your way from the outside-in can be beneficial for your students. For example, you can use maps to identify continents, slowly working your way in towards bodies of water, countries, and cities.

Start Your Crash Course With Geography Classroom Posters From Southern Cross

Knowing the lay of the land is one thing, but getting your students to understand comprehensive geographical history is another. With the help of visual learning tools from Southern Cross, you can enhance the way your students learn quickly and affordably.

Browse our selection of stickers, posters, magnets, and card games today to make your classroom the place to be!