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Maths Posters (74)

Number Line - Board Toppers - 215mm High and more than 4m Long

$32.95 AUD inc GST
SKU: McA1362

Geometry - Set of 3 Geometric formulae laminated posters - Area, Surface Area and Volume Formulasan

$32.95 AUD inc GST

Good Mathematicians - Colossal Posters - 1.7m Tall

$32.95 AUD inc GST
SKU: McV1617

Maths Symbols - Board Toppers - 215mm High by more than 4m Long

$32.95 AUD inc GST
SKU: McA1352

Basic Geometry - Colossal Posters - 1.7m Tall

$32.95 AUD inc GST
SKU: McV1645

Geometry - Pythagorean Theorem - Laminated Poster

$13.15 AUD inc GST

Geometry Basics - Board Toppers - 215mm High and more than 4m Long

$32.95 AUD inc GST
SKU: McA024

Maths Symbols - Colossal Posters - 1.7m Tall

$32.95 AUD inc GST
SKU: McV1629

Place Value - Board Toppers - 215mm High by more than 4m Long

$32.95 AUD inc GST
SKU: McA034

Enhance Your Classes With Mathematics Posters, and Graphing Stickers & Magnets

Teaching in a STEM-related field, keeping students engaged is an important step. As some students find studying mathematics quite challenging, there are some great learning tools available to assist students; this includes graphing stickers and magnets, and classroom posters.

Southern Cross supplies resources which can assist with learning through visually engaging and productive aids. Browse our catalogue today for visual aids that’ll make your classroom a more conducive place.

The Advantages of Maths Stickers & Posters As Educational Tools

Visual learning strategies make it easier for students to absorb and retain knowledge. Here are a few ways Southern Cross’ products can assist with the Maths learning process.

They Are An Excellent Focus Tool

Our posters break down a general topic into a more specific idea, fact, or process. These highly focused visual aids allow students to understand subjects more quickly and in-depth.

They Make The Topic Visually Appealing

Let’s face it – long lists of numbers aren’t visually stimulating for any student. However, well-designed posters and stickers can make them easier to understand.

They Simplify Complex Problems

Maths involves drawing multiple graphs and figures. With pre-designed stickers, your students can spend more time focusing on learning processes and discovering solutions.

On the other hand, maths classroom posters can simplify complex problems by breaking them down into parts of a problem.

They Improve Memory Retention

Compared to other methods of learning, visual aids such as stickers and posters have more extended retention power. When it comes to learning multi-part processes, breaking them down into images and graphics make it easier for students to store information over longer periods.

They’re Cost-Effective

Not only do Southern Cross’s Maths stickers and posters save you money, but they also save you time. No more having to re-draw complex graphs over again or spend too much time at the photocopier. Now, all you have to do is hand out Southern Cross’s ready-made products!

Tips For Incorporating Maths Stickers & Posters As Visual Aids

Now that you know the benefits of using stickers and posters as visual aids, here are a few ways to incorporate them into the classroom.

Encourage Students To Keep Practicing

Pin math posters around your classroom to surround your students with plenty of opportunities to learn. The more students are encouraged to practice their skills, the more naturally they will be able to solve problems.

Identify & Master Key Concepts

Instead of memorising processes, visual aids allow students to familiarise themselves with key concepts. Because Maths is a sequential subject, you can use Maths classroom posters and stickers to reinforce the key characteristics of a topic. This will help your students move onto more complex ideas.

Use Problem-Solving Guides

No two mathematical concepts are the same. However, they may undergo similar processes that adhere to the same problem-solving principles. Our learning materials provide your students with a mathematical “road map” so they can learn to tackle new and challenging ideas using past knowledge.

Make Learning Tools Accessible

Southern Cross’s Maths products are easy to use in the classroom and at home. Provide your students with materials like dry-erase practice magnets and graph stickers so that the learning process doesn’t have to stop when they leave the school.

Make It Fun

Classroom learning can become tedious when all that your students hear is lectures. Incorporate graphics and visuals into your curriculum to help improve concentration levels and engage your students better.

Enhance Your Students’ Learning Ability With Maths Stickers & Posters Today!

Maths classes can be testing for some students, but effective visual learning strategies can make all the difference. With the right tools and a motivating environment, your students may discover a newfound love for the subject. Enhance your students’ ability to learn by purchasing Southern Cross’s Maths resources today!