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Timeline 21st Century - Coated Frieze

    Timeline 21st Century - Coated Frieze

    $29.95 AUD inc GST

      Providing the students an opportunity to consider their own lives against the background of world events, this timelines runs for the first 12 years of the 21st century and features photographs of significant world events. The range of events has been carefully selected to cover a variety of themes including social change, weather, natural disasters, citizenship and history.

      The bottom row is balnk and can be used to add your own photographs and annotations. These could focus on events in the children's local community, within the school or in the lives of the individual children. The timeline is reusable if a dry-wipe pen is used

      Teacher's notes supplied.

      Coated frieze, 23 x 300cm in 3 strips.


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