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Colour Blind Friendly World Political Map

    Colour Blind Friendly World Political Map

    $43.95 AUD inc GST

      A new Colour Blind Friendly Political Map of the World. 

      Teach or learn about our world with this colourful, easy to read children's world map showing the countries, main cities and towns. The map also includes the oceans and seas, tropics and the equator, rivers and the International date-line. It is ideal for the home or classroom as our colours work for everyone, including those with a form of colour vision deficiency (CVD). There is likely to be at least one child in every classroom that is colour blind.

      Size: 102 x 60cm


      Unique Geography Posters designed and sold by Scedu. Shop affordable geography classroom posters to hang in dorms, bedrooms, Class room or anywhere blank walls.

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