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Posters: Printmaking - Set of 8
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    Posters: Printmaking - Set of 8

    $85.00 AUD inc GST

      These posters show step-by-step how to create multiple images by the processes of printmaking, including Relief Prints, Serigraphy, Intaglio and Lithography.

      The Relief Printing and serigraphy posters are ideal for Years 1 through 5 with some teacher assistance and Intaglio and Lithography posters are ideal for Years 6 through 12. Many finished examples by fine professional artists as well as student artists are shown for each process.

      Relief Prints: Printing from any kind of raised surface which is what is left when the negative spaces and lines are cut away from the base of wood or linoleum.

      Serigraphy: A stencil printing process that often involves many colours printed through a silk screen.

      Intaglio: Printing from engraved or cut lines that hold ink below the surface of a plate.

      Lithography: This process relies on the fact that water and grease do not mix.

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