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Rich World, Poor World - Set of 12 Gloss Laminated A3 Panels

    Rich World, Poor World - Set of 12 Gloss Laminated A3 Panels

    $93.50 AUD inc GST

      Globally, inequality has resulted in about 60 of the world's richest people owning as much wealth as half of the world's population. Further, large disparities remain in access to basic services such as education, healthcare and sanitation. Certain groups are disproportionately affected by such disparities, including migrants, women, children, persons with disabilities, ethnic and religious minorities, and indigenous peoples.

      Source: United Nations Global Compact (www.unglobalcompact.org).

      This display is designed around the following learning outcome:.... understand the great inequalities which exist between people living in rich and poor countries.

      Set of 12 Gloss Laminated A3 Panels.

      The display of 12 panels covers an are of of 168 x 90cm. Each panel measures 29.7 x 42cm and is gloss laminated. Eye-catching and informative displays for any class studying the topic.

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