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X-Y Chart - Multiplication and More!

    X-Y Chart - Multiplication and More!

    $27.45 AUD inc GST

      Better than previous multiplication tables. As children learn multiplication with the X-Y Chart, they are learning about the co-ordinate system without trying!

      With the X-Y Chart, children will

      • prepare the mind for effective mental arithmetic
      • see that multiplication is repetitive addition so that memorisation may begin
      • acquire a lively foundation for visualising future advanced concepts in algebra, geometry, trigonometry and even calculus.

      Variations available (each includes a free manual)

      • Large X-Y poster (600 x 900mm), laminated
      • Mini-chart, desktop (A4) chart, single or in packs of 10
      • Postcard size (100 x 150mm), single or in packs of 30
      • Classroom Package consisting of 1 poster size X-Y chart, 30 Desktop size (A4) charts and 30 postcard size X-Y charts

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